Twitter: how i got sucked in

All right, I never thought I would say this, but I have been seduced by Twitter.  I used to think it was utterly ridiculous to spend your time with it, but it’s easier for me to use in Kstan because Facebook is blocked and I’m getting lots of great articles and links from the people I follow, like NPR, Jon Stewart, Jezebel,

I think I can link my new-found appreciation to it for the fact that I have also been steadily building followers over the last couple of weeks.  I went from 6, which perfectly reflects how often I was tweeting and how interesting those tweets were, to 18.  I know who a couple of those people are, but largely I’m left wondering, “Who the hell is lynncinnamon?” Or “Why is quotesyes following me?  They’re an arts and entertainment site.”  (Who will actually let you watch a great documentary about how shitty Wal-mart is for free)

So I think I’m going to have to figure out whether or not there are certain social norms on Twitter.  Things like:

  • Is it expected that I’m going to follow these people back or is it acceptable just to give them a few retweets and likes?
  • What is tweeting too much?  Wait, never mind, that won’t be a problem, I don’t have time.
  • Does it make you seem full of yourself if your tweets show up on your Facebook feed?

I feel so old…..


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